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finally made a connection on people why his policies are better than the obama policies. i thought an absolute home run hitting on pro growth economic policies. he hasn't emphasized enoughment he did a masterful job on it last night u wow, you thought he won. >> absolutely. stuart: let me move on to jobs. show you what he said on jobs and get your reaction to it. >> look at the evidence of the last four years, it's absolutely extraordinary. we've got 23 million people out of work. or stopped looking for work in this country. it's just, we've got. >> all right. >> when the president took office, 32 million people on food stamps, 47 million on food stamps today. and economic growth this year. and slower than last year. and last year, slower than the year before. going forward with the status quo is not going to cut it for the american people who are struggling today. stuart: okay, going forward status quo, not good enough. did romney layout a plan for growth, growth in jobs, growth in the economy? >> he emphasized jobs more than probably any other topic he talked about last night. al
of the debate as a referendum on obama's policies. he did not level that choice comparison. there was very little discussion, very little pushback as you say on mitt romney's policies. so it seemed like the president just spent his time defending what he did in the past four years without mitt romney ever having to really explain what he would do going forward. the only thing i can think is that the president was told first and foremost play it safe. don't make any big mistakes. don't do anything big that shows up in an attack ad. you can't do that in politics. you can't show up afraid of making a mistake. you can't play it safe. you have to be on the offense and win the day. the one thing i will say for mitt romney and for the republican party is last night mitt romney very aggressively moved to the center. finally seemed to commit to i am a centrist. i support very closely to where obama is. just slight differences. i think it's an acknowledgment that he really can't run on the far right policies that the republican party has been pushing. it took until now with the republican party sort
wednesday night in the first of three presidential campaigns. drilling obama in the polls of several battleground states, romney sought to rejuvenate his campaign with an attack on what he called president obama's policies of trickle-down government. >> i am concerned the path we're on has been unsuccessful. the president has a view to one similar when he ran four years ago, that a bigger government spending more, taxing more, regulating more -- a trickle- down government -- would work. that is not the right answer for america. >> president obama was more subdued in his comments, failing to make one mention of romney's infamous 47%, and his background of bain capital. addressing romney's tax plan, obama said romney's effort to cut taxes for the wealthy would be to the gutting of essential government programs. box for 18 months he has been running on this tax plan. five weeks before the election, now he is saying his big, bold idea is, "never mind." the fact is, if you are lowering the rates the way you described, governor, then it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and
of president obama's policies. he's not worked across the aisle and we've had unemployment go up as a result of his policies. >> gretchen: although president obama's biggest critique of your candidate is that there simply are not enough details in his plan. so how do you respond to that criticism? >> you heard a lot of details from governor romney last night. in fact, he's been going across the country talking about the romney plan for a stronger middle class and talking about the details. i think people saw that last night. i think what they did not see from president obama was an agenda for a second term should he be reelected. but we know that it would be more of the same. if you like the last four years, you would love the next four years under president obama because health insurance premiums will continue to go up. in fact, they'll go up another $2,500. up to 20 million americans could lose their health insurance as a result of obamacare. the debt would reach $20 trillion and middle class families would be hit with a $4,000 tax increase. that's not going to help us create jobs in our e
living proof that obama's policies do not work. i want to change. i consider myself a conservative. for years, i will be 41 tomorrow. i do not know if i republican or democrat. i have never really educated myself on that, but i agree with a lot of what romney says. more so if anything the message he was trying to get across less nine. i am sorry that he interrupted the commentators as much as he did but i am the same way when i get worked up about things that i believe in. i believe he wants to restore this country and undo a lot of the policies that keeps small business owners from going back into business. i had a small paving and grading business here in oregon. the area has been a pretty economically depressed area since 1980. it does not seem like much of anything you do in this region -- it is hard to make a profit in this area so i ended up going to work for another contractor and i could only average since obama got elected -- whether or not it was his policies or not, i learned having a business that every four years typically business would slow down because it is an elec
consumption tumble. and their prices surge. that explains the soaring prices to the obama administration's energy policy. >> there is limited amount of corn now. and ethanol is still a big buyer. >> reporter: under present circumstances that seems no easy task. a live stock former in nebraska. he has 60 of his 300 head of cattle. to minimize feed costs he now uses less corn in big mixes. so, he is a republican. he is not demanding that the corn restrictions be lifted. >> we are using this right hereafter the ethanol is taken out. to me it is a plus. it is a plus. i am not an advocate of throwing ethanol out the window. >> he is growing corn for live stock feed. while shipping the grain for ethanol use. thanks to the government policy, corn for bioethanol fuel is a key source of stable income for farmers. and since many farmers, the republican party, finding it difficult to press for a change of policy. beef supplies are expected to dwin dwindle in the u.s. this winter. pushing up prices even higher. and take preventative action is likely because beef prices to rise and grain prices to so
. >> why won't obama level with us about the tax plans. >> the tax policy center, however, later changed its assessment. it said if romney put all deductions on the chopping block, then, quote, there is no reason why that full reform proposal would have to raise taxes on middle class households. and a tax policy center scholar objected to the way the obama campaign used their research, saying, quote, i don't interpret this as evidence that governor romney wants to increase taxes on the middle class in order to cut taxes for the rich as an obama campaign ad claims. rather than go through the tax code, deduction by deduction, romney offered a simple answer, saying we could just put a cap on the total value of tax deductions, any one taxpayer could claim. >> one way would be to have a single number. make up a number, 25,000, $50,000, anybody could have deductions up to that amount and then that number disappears for high income people. >> rick: romney pledged high income people would pay the same share of total taxes they pay now. the president has his own tax plan. to raise money on those
it on politics and you've got it on policy. you've got bill clinton in new hampshire stumping for president obama today. and today with this crisis in syria, in turkey, with this ongoing crisis in libya, you've got hillary clinton out there, the tip of the sphere, the administration, she's going press availabilities with the foreign minister of kazakhstan today. she's absolutely integrated into the obama administration with no question of any division between them. i think that's -- i think to the extent that the clinton popularity in those rust belt states still explains enthusiasm that, i think that's exactly right. >>> all right, we've got lots to come, including a look at what will be the hardest questions for each of the candidates to answer tonight. stay with us. this is msnbc's live coverage of the first presidential debate. it's a big night. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development c
. the alternative energy market is not going to start working in the next two weeks. the obama economic policies aren't going to be working in the effect two weeks. it wasn't about style. it's about substance and obama not being able to stand on his own record. that record is not going to change between now and the next debate. martha: thank you for being with us today. bill: president obama telling the american people there is one pledge he will always keep. >> four years ago i said i'm not a perfect man and i'm no won't be a perfect president. that's probably a promise governor romney thinks i have kept. you i promised i would fight every single day for the american people and the middle class. i kept that promise. if you will vote for me, then i promise i will fight just as hard in a second term. bill: this won't be long. but give me four minutes. the romney campaign says he was a clear winner on substance. >> mitt romney may have scored some style point during this theatrical debate performance but he failed on the facts and his credibility didn't pass the bar the american people are looking
policy proposals than barack obama was. obama still believes in growing more government, just repeating mistakes, and tonight, i believe, governor romney was thee one to explain how he will be able to turn things around. neil: do you think the expectations gained matter, governor? in the case of mitt romney, depending how the media portrayed the polls, he had hit it out of the park tonight. he was desperate for him to get there, and so he had to really be in the president's face and deliver the goods, but if the expectations were low for him to begin with, that would be good enough for him, and he would look good. i don't know how they review this debate and see how he did. he seemed to do fine addressing his basic issues, and the president appeared to be thin skinned, but that could be my knee jerk brief. i remember your debate with joe biden, folks in the main stream media expected you to lose, and poll results afterwards thought -- said americans thought you won. i wonder how the expectations gain plays into this. i know it gets a little too punditry, and i'm not in that camp, but fr
. >> and challenge on obama's hits on his own policies point by point. >> governor romney's central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut. >> virtually everything he said about hi tax plan is inaccurate. >> for 18 months he's been running on this tax plan, and now five weeks before the election he's saying that his big bold idea is nevermind. >> let me repeat what i said. i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. >> the president's lackluster response sent critics into a tail spin and put team obama on defense. >> i don't know what he was doing out there. he had his head down, he was enduring the debate rather than fighting it. the latest thing we got from romney because he said so, was, you know what i want to do with people when they are poor? shove them in the emergency room. where was obama tonight? >> progressives from chris matthews to bill maher to michael moore all across the progressive wing of the democratic party, there's great disappointment. >> they were jumping out of their seats watching. >> i understand. i understand there was a hunger for us to attack romney more persona
. president obama defended his own policies while criticizing mitt romney's plan to improve the economy. his republican rival called the president's policies over the past four years a failure. >> it ultimately is going to be up to the voters, to you, which path we should take. are we going to double down on the top-down economic policies that helped to get us into the mess or break a new economic patriotism that says america does best when the middle class does best. >> i'm concerned that the path that we're on has just been unsuccessful. the president has a view very similar to the view he had when he ran four years ago, that a bigger government, spending more, taxing more, regulating more, if you will, trickle down goth, would work. that's not the right answer for america. i'll restore the vitality that gets america working again. >> the candidates' next debate will take place october 16th in long island. >>> joining us now to talk about last night's debate is nbc news senior political editor mark murray. we appreciate you coming in this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> coming out of
businesses and obama, though, accused his rival of trying to double down on policies that led to the recession and financial crisis. >> the president has a view very lar similar to the view four years ago. spending more, taxing more, regulating more, trickle down government would work. >> the genius of america is the free enterprise system and freedom. and the fact that people can go out there and start a business, work on an idea, make their own decisions. but as abraham lincoln understood, there are also some things we do better together. >> so the vice presidential candidates, paul ryan and skrjo biden will meet for their only debate next week. president obama and mitt romney head back out to the campaign trail today where the president making stops in colorado and wisconsin. romney will travel to virginia. let's get a bit more into this debate. joining us now for more is a republican strategist and former mccain/palin aide. and a democratic strategist and former senior adviser to the presidential campaignses of john e he hedwards and wesley clark. let's start with you. by
challenged the president's economic leadership in a civil debate heavy on substance. president obama appeared more subdued, offering extensive policy details holding back attacks he used on romney on the campaign trail. the president left out the frequent attack about mr. romney's 47% comments. a cnn opinion research poll taken after the debate shows 67% of registered voters believe mitt romney had a better night. 25% said president obama. a cbs poll says 46% of uncommitted voters said romney had the stronger performance. 22% said it was the president. the headline in this mornings usa today, romney seizes offense on obama's record. romney takes fight to obama. after a handshake in the middle of the stage and talk of the president's 20th wedding anniversary, they got down to business with details on taxes and debt and what is best for this country's middle class. >> this is where there's a difference because governor romney's plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of the bush tax cuts and military spending that the military hasn't asked for. it's $8 trillion. how we pay for that, reduce
that president obama thinks so and if -- you can't know the policies and the facts better than obama does if he's going to perform well in these debates. >> he let romney's point sit on the table. >> 'cause somebody acted like they really wanted the job and wanted to earn the job and votes and somebody it in and looked down. >> i have one more. here you go. >> in my opinion, the government is not effective in bringing down the cost of almost anything. >> so funny. >> those were his poll numbers. >> that was a good one. i liked that. so now i had one as well. which i thought was kind of cute when he was talking about his boys and having the five sons and i thought this was kind of a cute moment and he brought in his family, which i thought worked very well for him. >> look, i got five boys. i'm used to people saying something that's not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping i'll believe it. but that is not the case. all right? i will not reduce the taxes paid by high income americans. >> eric, that i thought was a really telling moment. he had a nice way to kind of art
brought it home. you can see it very clearly. do you want to double down on the failed policies of obama, or do you want to embrace a clear vision from a businessman that has leadership skills, strategic vision, and can take the country where it needs to go? as a small business guy who used to run a billion dollar company, i tell you, it's miserable right now. if obama thinks for a minute we're not going to find ways around the health care bill, he's crazy. it's going to cost -- neil: but you answered something interesting. we can always play with numbers here. i wish i could do that on my grade point average in college, i couldn't. it was what it was. that's history. one thing that's interesting that romney tried to do is you're talking about how very few small businesses, mr. president, are affected by your coming hike and in the upper rate, but he said they doing the for close to -- do account for close to half of the employees hired by small businesses. i'm paraphrasing it. look, did you get a sense that he was deliberately going after the president on each and every item that he fou
. >> i think romney had a lot of passion and facts but i think that president obama has been so protected. he's never had to defend these policies face-to-face. he doesn't have the facts and he is defenseless because everybody that kept questioners away weren't able to do that. >> we're going to close. you lean towards obama. you're listening to this? what advice do you have for barack obama? >> he has to be more aggressive. i felt like mitt romney ready to jump in and i thought the moderator is not fair about the whole thing. every time he jumped in, you let him go. >> and there is -- we've done these in 2008 ask other networks in the past. i'll tell you i have not had a group that swung so much. and this is a big deal. >> it's a big deal. thank you very much. we're going to check back in with frank and his focus group of undecided colorado jortz first joining me now with reaction to the first presidential debate is florida senator marco rubio. good to see you. >> good to see you this is the thing that was almost stunning to me in terms of the dominance of the debate. >> there is my take
romney, but fairly ssall. lots of policy. for reporters and voters who thought a lot of times this campaign has ordered a little bit too on -- to much on the cynical, there was it kind of policy tonight. you heard president obama at one. take the president -- take mitt romney to task. that did not happen until the last half-hour of the debate. for the better part of the first hour, it was mitt romney who was pn offense, challenging the president's record, addressing him directly, accusing the president of misrepresenting mitt romney. toward the end, we heard mitt romney say, you are entitled to your own house and plain, but not your own facts. there was a fair amount of %+arring back and forth. generally speaking, there demeanor's seemed like, in mitt romney's case, he is prepared to be president, and president obama is struggling with some of the strains of being president with some of a rigid somewhat of a difficult campaign. a difficult campaign. -- with somewhat of a diffi remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of denn
attacked obama for doing too much to allow harry reid and nancy pelosi in the health care policy. sometimes romney says obama puts his plans out too much, and other times it's too much to negotiate with congress. romney's approach here has not been to not put out specifics on his policy. it's been to not put out the hard parts. i want it to cut the budget by $7 trillion or taxes by $5 trillion, but he doesn't tell you the details. am i surprised that led to a win for him? not really. i don't think last night of a trick. romney came and was a better debater. i don't think president obama walked into that debate or none straight demonstrated a clear vision of what he tried to get mitt romney to say, what points to pin him down on. romney won the debate. last night romney was more skilled. it doesn't change the policies. >> ezra, will the strategy work in the next two debates that heavy here? will this vague strategy work with foreign policy and the next debate beyond that? >> i think that the obama team is going to be more ready for what romney's able to bring to the debate than they were in
. the you think these are popular policies? president obama said if you have such great plans for what you're going to do to replace dodd-frank. >> don't keep a secret. he did not produce. lou: the only thing i actually heard the president's taken i did not hear him say what you just said, by the way. i heard and basically say that if you have a secret it because you don't want it to be heard because it's too good. >> i have heard debate contrivances like that tie just as you have over the course of our career. governor romney was hitting him with fact, programs, and he kept coming back to this $5 trillion tax cut. i can't find that anywhere. can you? >> she has been saying he wants to extend the bush tax cuts. he wants to give tax cuts to people over to -- 250. repeal the estate tax and he said he also wants to increase spending for the defense industry. so i don't -- it's right there. this is what he has been running on. he says this will spark economic revival. >> so we don't know is what the president will run on. lou: we do know. he has to run on his record. what he has done is not de
statements were really indicative of the whole thing. you heard five or six policy specific but from obama, that was the debate in a nutshell. romney sounded very specific on issue after issue. and the one that really caught my eye was the one on his health care plan. >> let's let the governor explain what you would do with obama care is repealed. how would you replace it? >> it's a lengthy description. >> he repeated that a couple of times that he had a lengthy description. the description he's talking about on his website is 396 words. it's about half the length of an average op ed column. it's not lengthy or specific but he got away with it without today'sing a challenge and that's what you had for a lot of the debate tonight. take what he was talking about in the pre-existing health care plan portion of his health care plan. that would leave about 89 million people without protection for pre-existing conditions most of what's in there is already in there but it sounded like a specific. and that way, the debate felt like an inversion of what we've seen thus far in the campaign which is
president obama. however, they substantively dealt with policy matters. >> he was looking down tonight. he was passive. he was abstract in his answers. mitt romney was talking about real people, giving real examples. i thought he was clear. he was concise. i think the president was muddled tonight. i just wonder, we talked about this earlier. when you're the incumbent president in the united states, you're not used to be challenged and pushed in the way you get challenged and pushed in these debates and i think it was every bit for the president as bad a performance add george w. bush had in his first debate against john kerry. >> the president had an opportunity tonight. he created a problem for himself on social security tonight. he agrees with mitt romney. every liberal in this country knows that mitt romney wants to privatize social security down the road. and to do a deal with the devil on that would be the wrong thing to do. i think the president created a big problem for himself. i don't think he explained himself very well on the economy. i thought he was off his game. i was stunne
states that they have immigration policies that will make the difference. president obama has focused on deporting immigrants with criminal records. he's proposed a program to allow immigrants without criminal records a path to citizenship. in june he ordered his administration to stop deporting some undocumented immigrants who arrived as children. they'll be able to obtain two- year visas to stay and work. >> a young person who comes to america is brought here, is raised here, is friends with our kids, is going to school with our kids, is american in every single way except for a piece of paper! ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: this week mitt romney said he'll now allow people who got those visas under the president's program to keep them but would not grant new visas after taking office. romney supports letting those who arrived as children become legal residents or citizens by serving in the military. he opposes amnesty programs for illegal immigrants. >> i will prioritize efforts that strengthen legal immigration and make it more transparent and easier. and i'm going to addres
the policies that we have, like the affordable care act, obama care, and what would happen if governor romney's policies came in to effect. governor romney, i don't think he had any specificity. the best example he said just trust me with these elimination of these deductions. and as you pointed out earlier, that could mean the elimination of the mortgage home deduction for middle class homeowners, the claire ritable deduction for contributions of people to make to churches and if you're not going to be specific, what you're going to cut it really is fuzzy math, as we've been seeing from the vice presidential nominee, paul ryan. so i do think voters are want to see some meat around the bones of those specific proposals. i think that's what undecided voters in places like colorado want to see. the other thing, i'll point out is, female voters in colorado are concerned about governor romney's health care policies. i was disappointed that nobody talked about that last night. and i'm hoping they'll discuss it in one of the future debates. >> congresswoman, why didn't the president bring up women'
of preparation and months of anticipation, president obama and mitt romney meet face to face debating policy and differences of opinion. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney tacted directly to one another meeting -- talked directly to one another. >> governor romney has a perspective that says, if we cut taxes, skew towards the wealthy and roll back regulation, that we'll be better off. i've got a different view. >> i don't want to cost jobs. my priority is jobs. so what i do is i bring down the tax rates. >> reporter: the republican nominee revealing his plan to reduce the deficit. >> what things would i cut from spending? i will eliminate all programs by this test. is the program so critical, it is worth borrowing money from china to pay for it. if not, i'll get rid of it. obamacare is on my list. i apologize, mr. president. >> governor romney at the beginning of this date said what we did in massachusetts could be a model for the nation. >> reporter: informing their plans for the future of america. >> as president of america, i will sit down with leaders, democratic leaders. >> g
candidates were focusing in on the middle class. [ applause ] nice debate focused on domestic policy issues. a line was drawn with president obama and mitt romney on the economy. >> are we going to double down on the topdown economic policies that helped to get us into this mess or do we embrace a new economic patriotism that says america does best when the middle class does best? >> under the president's policies middle income americans haveburied. they have been crushed. middle income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. >> reporter: on health care -- >> i don't know how the president could have come into office, facing 23 million people out of work, rising unemployment, an economic crisis at the kitchen table, and spent his energy and passion for two years fighting for obamacare instead of fighting for jobs for the american people. >> reporter: in the role of government -- >> the federal government has the capacity to help open up opportunitand create ladders of opportunity and to create ameworks where the american people can succeed. >> r
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, unemployment rate, the suffering of the american middle class, buied as joe biden reminded us. the policies of barack obama. he turned to the moderator and asked him to change the subject. let's move on to something else. we're not going to move on to something else. this is the issue of the moment. >> at one point during the debate, governor romney acknowledged his plan is basically a voucher program for medicare, and i'm curious how that will go over in florida. >> he acknowledges for current beneficiaries, people on it now or about to retire will have the exact same medicare they've always had. he said for future generations like paul ryan, like me, when we retire, we'll get subsidy support from the govnment. it will match the level of medicare. if we want to stay on regular mode care, we can do that, or we have a choice. go out and buy private medicare. if you are very rich, my generation, you have to pay a little more. it's a machine to save medicare. where is the president's plan to save medicare? >> the president would say his plan would not to go with the romney/ryan/rubio approach.
in ohio care more about performance or policy? >> they care about policy.ton, . >> do voters in ohio care more about performance or policy? >> they care about policy. you start with the auto rescue. president obama knows that 800,000 jobs in ohio are connected to the auto industry directly or indirectly. tens of thousands probably hundreds of those were in jeopardy when he took office in 2009. now we see the auto industry coming back and you can whether my opponent or mitt romney, they were on the wrong side of the auto rescue and nothing builds the middle class in ohio better than a vie brant auto industry. and i wish they had debated it last night. i wish people could have seen the stark difference between their way of kind of tax cuts for the rich trickle down, although romney denied that, but versus starting with the middle qulags a qul class and growing out. that's why we're coming back in ohio. >> in ohio, the auto industry is very important there. and mr. romney said let detroit go bankrupt and mr. romney and your opponent were not for the bailout. as you move around the state in y
been buried. >> laying out policy instead of zingers as mitt romney and president obama make their cases to voters in the first presidential debate. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're going to take a live look outside right now at 4:28. it is 73 degrees out there. still warm, and muggy. we had a nice warm day yesterday, too. >> we did. meteorologist tom kierein here with us now with our first forecast. >> still a bit humid this morning. we do have a few scattered showers that are beginning to move our way, and behind that, it's going to turn less humid and more autumnal by later this afternoon. have an umbrella handy as you're heading out the door early on this thursday morning. you can see that area of rain is advancing rather quickly from the southwest heading northeast, getting some light showers now, warrenton county further west, closer to washington from near leesburg and western loudoun county getting sprinkles further north. might have just a few little tiny sprinkles in the windshields in montgomery, prince george's and
, and that's going to make things okay for women, that they're going to now trust him and his policies to be there for them. in terms of actually having a set of policies that make sense for women, we didn't hear anything from that last night from mitt romney on that or president obama because it just wasn't brought up at all. so i think it is in line with his whole campaign strategy of just asserting that he is a certain way and the voting population should just trust him on that. >> joy, i hate to reference other people's broadcasts because obviously ours is the most important in the universe but -- >> other than "the cycle." >> but you have actually made the point that romney's performance was particularly designed for men, and in many ways i have read some things where people have been saying it was like a ceo conversing with a group of staff to wind them up. is that how you felt about it? >> that's what it sounded like. it sounded like an unpleasant board meeting at which jim lehrer was being set aside and fired summarily in front of the rest of the board. it sounded extremely har
a number of policy speeches filling in the details that obama says are missing. here's number two. >> don't forget, you put $90 billion, like 50 years worth, of breaks into solar and wind to solyndra and fisker. you just don't e pick the winners 5e7 losers, but just the losers. gerri: that was my favorite. he said that would have hired 2 million teachers. first, the number one most memorable line is this -- >> mr. president, your entitled as a president to your own airplane and house, but not your own facts. gerri: that's a zinger. no wonder romney was the winner. still to come, the opening statements, energy was already on the table, one of the leading voices on energy. >> my plan is five basic parts. get us north american energy independent creating 4 # -- 4 million jobs. gerri: we have the leading voices in industry coming up. stay with us. ♪ gerri: president obama paying his dues for his less than but how much was blame goes to the stuff he doesn't say that he does? let's ask tonya, a body language expert. i'm excited about the conversation. what did you make of the debate? had to b
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